Loving What I Do

I have to say that I feel very lucky having a career where I get to do amazing things everyday.

When clients come to the salon, they are looking to be uplifted~ for an added “pop” or just refreshing their look; whatever it is, they are in need of attention.

I consider myself someone who loves making people feel good, and am very in tune to peoples’ energy. So being able to offer such attention to detail in all ways, not just in the actual outcome of their hair, feels good. Clients love feeling taken care of and since that is a strength for me, the hair is just an added bonus.

As for the actually artistry and technical aspect of the job, I am considered to be an expert. Not to boast, but I know I have one hell of an eye. I can say this because time and time again, I nail it~ and having such a strong background in art growing up, I see what is needed and know how to achieve it, efficiently and with ease.

Now please don’t misunderstand, I don’t say that with an ego, but mearly out of joy that I have the ability to achieve amazing results on my guests over the years, and flex those “muscles.” Not to mention I am willing to continue my education and learn which helps keep me inspired. All that is achievable because I have passion for people and hair. What a blessing! @bayareahair