Motivation makes the world go round.

Sometimes we need it, sometimes we give it and hopeful sometimes we seek it. Either way, its vital to having a great community grow, and a healthy existence in life all around.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a little extra motivation. It may be for personal reasons, or it may be professional, they usually go hand in hand.

It’s been so long since I’ve looked~ where do I go to find it? I haven’t been seeking mentorships professionally since having my babies, and as I transition from the baby/toddler mom life, I decided to find some.

I started listening to podcasts, and watching u-tube. It was so easy to like or disliked  based on a feeling I was having toward the person delivering different growth topics. The way they sounded, looked and even spoke mattered. It comes down to personal preference.

We all need someone we can look to for knowledge and insight, and usually with that comes motivation.

I have been working day and night trying to “balance” being a mom, wife, and boss, and sometimes I could use a little extra support. I keep feeling like I’m failing someone~ if I’m working I feel like I should be home, if I’m home I’m thinking about all the work I need to get done, but I can’t because I’m home. I’m pretty sure it’s called “mommy guilt.” What I have come to realize is, life is all about choices, priorities and timing. And the sooner I let that guilt go, I have time for what really matters, and the rest can wait till another day.

I didn’t always know what that meant but I am so thankful that I live in a world with the internet is at my fingertips. Now it’s almost impossible to not trip over what your looking for and get that support that you need.

How do you seek support and motivation?