Sometimes we need a little extra knowledge to do us all some good.

In the hair world it’s all about the journey, not the destination. In so many ways we are chasing Unicorns and Fairy Tales. It’s all about that chase to get better, be better. The more you can fill yourself up with educational material, the more you want to get in reps to keep learning.

Once I realized I was always going to chase “getting better,” I started taking as many classes I could get my hands on. Every class was like a wave of inspiration, motivation and skill rolled into one. I couldn’t get enough. I chose to soak up everything I could and practice, practice, practice.

Over the past 18 years, I have taken too many classes to count, and still I’m chasing those Unicorns and I love it. I still get excited and a little nervous going to a new show. There’s so much to the artistry to dive into and get excited about.

Being able to learn a luxury extension method~ Natural Beaded Rows, has been just another thing I have been reaching for, learning more about myself and my skills as an artist. In addition,  to be able to continue to help clients learn about themselves and their hair has truly been a pleasure. I am so grateful I get to keep pushing the envelope and remain passionate about what I get to do everyday.

What excites you everyday?