Hair Goals

Having extensions has literally changed my life.

Being able to add hair back after postpartum hair loss was the best feeling, and the most magical experience!

I’ve always had fine hair. But when I was younger I had a ton of fine, hair. As a hairdresser, my hair is EVERYTHING. So you could imagine how upsetting it was loosing all my density. I had to find a way to improve what was my new normal.

I have had many hairstyles over the course of my career, long and short, but over time I started want what we can’t have. After loosing some hair, when I would grow my hair out, it just lacked luster and wasn’t that cute long. So having the ability to add hair and have it long and thick again was amazing.

Over the years, I have learned a few different extension methods,(great lengths, habit, halo’s) but was never satisfied with the results. I am so picky when it comes to feel, look and longevity, none embodied all three. Then I found NBR and all that changed. Natural Beaded Row Extensions were and are not only an extension method, but a way of living the best hair.

The blend is seamless, it’s comfortable and effortless to wear; all with ease while looking natural and beautiful.

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